Double Jiu Jitsu

We created a teaching method that takes care of the student from the first class, so that he understands the whole process and can evolve in each training. We separate the levels of classes and train our teachers to deliver an increasingly better class. Our method is revisited and updated frequently based on best practices at our gyms around the world.

Train in groups, individually or in special classes with our champions. Performance level at maximum level.

A high level team, highly prepared to attend all student profiles, with attention, quality and safety.

The best METHODOLOGY in the best Jiu Jitsu school in DFW

Sport is essential at all stages of your life. And it positively impacts the aging process. Practicing physical activities is the best option for quality of life.

It improves your reflexes, improves cardiovascular capacity, works on breathing, reduces stress and improves well-being. Benefits for body and mind